Lots of fun stuff in Sept 17th 2020

Got some pretty cool stuff, found one more Grandus so Im gonna take some of his original antennas to replace with my KO so now I have a complete original boxed Grandus 😀

Found a C-309 God Bomber boxed that I need parts from

An original C-70 Metroplex and also my friend in HK found a Encore version of him complete with all the stuff.

And as you can see, 4 Titans – 1 Fort Max Encore, 1 Brave Max, 1 Fort Max original and 1 Grand Max. Need parts from them.

Blue Bacchus

Finally got hold of a Blue Bacchus from Japan, although missing parts, it didnt cost a fortune 😀
Also got a Gigastorm (Beast Wars II Trypticon) and a Trypticon (which hasnt the best colors….)

Christmas in Septemeber

Finally got some new stuff both from HK and Japan..

HK 03SEP2020: Boxed G1 Original Megatron, Sonic Bomber and Masterforce Goshooter Bracelet.

Also picked up Ghostbusters ECTO1

HK 04SEP2020: From Japan I finally got my shell for Dinoforce Yokuryu and the Brave version of Dezaras. Also my first Battle Beast figure and you can never have enough of Sixshots. Also one Cliffjumper keyring .